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Health & medical insurance in Guernsey

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If you’re thinking of moving to Guernsey, having your health insurance sorted before you go can make settling in a little easier. Read on to find out more about how AXA’s Islands Health Plan works in Guernsey, and what it can be most useful for, when living on the island.

Whilst Guernsey is part of the British Isles, it is not part of the UK, so does not offer the public National Health Service (NHS), and European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) are not accepted. Their healthcare system is made up of private healthcare facilities, which offer some partly-subsidised care, funded by social security contributions.

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Getting started with health insurance in Guernsey

If you’re considering moving to Guernsey, it’s good to know that you can choose to start your cover from the day you arrive. This means you won’t have to start paying for it beforehand, or worry about it when you get there. Instead, you can have the comfort of knowing that we can cover treatment in any hospital or clinic on the island, most of which we can pay directly for you.

All primary care is provided through the private system, so you’ll either need to pay to see a doctor, or you can let us take care of the costs for you. As soon as you need an appointment, even if it’s just a check-up, you can have one less thing to worry about with AXA’s Islands Health Plan to rely on.

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Making off-island treatment easier

It’s quite common to need treatment that’s not available in Guernsey, particularly if you need to see a specialist. With the Islands Health Plan we’ll be there to guide you and help you access the off-island treatment you need, as quickly as we can (usually to the UK or a neighbouring island). 

There’s no longer a Reciprocal Health Agreement between Guernsey and the UK, so anyone travelling between the two, without health insurance, will have to pay the full price for the healthcare they need. It's good to know that our Fast-Track Appointment team can help you find specialists so you don’t have to. They will usually send two to three names and contact details of specialists so you can book an appointment time that suits you. You’ll also be covered throughout Europe, and with all but one of our cover levels, you’ll be covered for emergency treatment, worldwide, including in the USA.

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Cover for emergency treatment in Guernsey

Unlike in Jersey, without private medical insurance, you’ll have to pay for any emergency treatment you receive, as well as when you see a pharmacist, physiotherapist or dentist. Even if you don’t need to have any procedures, you’ll have to pay the basic ‘Attendance, Assessment and Advice Only’ fee. With the Islands Health Plan, you can rest assured that you’ll be covered for in-patient or day-patient treatment, as well as ambulance transport to and between hospitals.

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Costs of Guernsey healthcare

Whether you’re living in Guernsey, or just visiting, without private medical insurance, you’ll need to pay for most of your healthcare, including emergencies. Seeing a doctor usually costs £60 per appointment, or £48 if you’re paying social security contributions², even if you need to visit the doctor more than once for the same thing.

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Would travel insurance give you medical coverage in Guernsey?

Most travel insurance policies offer cover for things like lost luggage and cancellations, as well as medical emergencies. They’re usually designed to cover you for a short trip. If you’d like to be covered for more of your medical expenses, including routine appointments, find out more about AXA’s health insurance for the Channel Islands and Isle of Man below. 

What you’ll get with the Islands Health Plan

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Fast access to healthcare

Its good to know that our Fast-Track Appointment team can help you find specialists so you don’t have to. They will usually send two to three names and contact details of specialists so you can book an appointment time that suits you. 

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Extra support if you’re diagnosed with cancer

Our dedicated team is available over the phone for members receiving cancer treatment in the UK. They’ll be able to help guide you through your treatment, including offering advice on chemotherapy, talking you through your treatment plan, or simply just listening to what you have to say.

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An independent second opinion

If you ever feel unsure about a diagnosis or treatment plan you’ve received, our Second Medical Opinion service can help bring you peace of mind. Together, we’ll make sure you get the reassurance you need so you can focus on getting better, wherever you are in the world.

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Access to our Virtual Doctor service

With the Virtual Doctor service from AXA, you can book a medical consultation with a real doctor on the phone or by video chat – at a time that suits you¹, from anywhere in the world.

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Help with transport costs

If you can’t get the help you need in Guernsey, we’ll pay towards the cost of your transport, over to another island or mainland UK.

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Access to almost 29,000 medical facilities

With access to our medical network3, you can visit any hospital in the Channel Islands and mainland Europe. You’ll also have access to our network of UK hospitals, which you can choose to extend to include a greater selection of hospitals in London.

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