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Corporate health insurance for global teams

Bespoke healthcare benefits packages for 150+ employees

Simple, reliable, cost-effective. Global health insurance your way.

A comprehensive international health benefits package helps to give your employees the confidence and support they need to take their career global. We’ll take care of all the details: working closely with you to create a smart, bespoke package that adapts with your business. 

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A truly global solution

As AXA’s global healthcare specialists, we’re uniquely placed to harness our in-country expertise around the world to support your business’s requirements:

  • We can use AXA’s resources, or arrange cover with other insurers – giving us the flexibility to put the right solutions in place for our customers
  • We work closely with our partners in-country to stay up to date with changing healthcare requirements to ensure your plan remains the best fit for your needs.
  • You and your employees will have the same consistent service from our multilingual team, no matter where they happen to be when they call.
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Regular reports

We’ll use detailed performance information to shape your plan and monitor your scheme’s performance and we’ll share the information in clear, comprehensive reports, regularly.

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Vigilant on costs

Your international assignments are an investment in the future of your company. Our health benefits packages can help you get the most from your investment: supporting your employees in staying well, and getting them back to performing at their best. Our fraud team and cost containment frameworks will also help ensure that your package stays good value for money – without affecting your employees’ treatment.

And to help you prove the value of your package to your business, we’ll share performance information, present to your key stakeholders and help you engage your employees.

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Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm (UK time).

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Matching up to your employees’ expectations

We know how important health insurance can be to your employees and their families– it’s a vital tool in negotiating benefits packages. That’s why we can make all benefits bespoke for your employees, and wherever possible, match benefits from your current insurer – or propose something new that meets your employee benefit strategy.

We’ll also work with other independent companies to offer your employees extra services they’ll use and value – like fast access to phone or video appointments with doctors who can speak a range of different languages.


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Helping your people perform at their best

When people feel healthy and well, they're more likely to be successful in work and keep your business running smoothly. Our health benefits package includes 24/7 health advice and support, and fast access to treatment when your employees need it, so they can get back to the career they enjoy sooner.  

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Fast access to care around the world

With AXA Select medical providers in 177 countries, as well as access to over 1.9 million hospitals and health facilities worldwide,1 you can be sure that your employees and their families can get their care they need quickly and easily.

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An expert second medical opinion

To help get your employees back to work quickly and with minimal stress, we’ll make sure they can talk to an independent medical expert if they need a second opinion. We can also give them a medically trained case manager to check their treatment plan, guide them through the local healthcare system, and can talk in a range of different languages. And it’s all available as standard to all your employees.

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Emergency evacuation that doesn’t affect the claims fund

Whether it’s a short drive or a long flight away, we’ll get your people to the care they need in an emergency. If the inpatient treatment isn’t available locally, we’ll get them home again afterwards. And to make sure everything goes smoothly, a dedicated team will handle all the arrangements. 

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A doctor’s appointment that fits into the busiest life

The Virtual Doctor service is there for added peace of mind and reassurance. Your employees can arrange to talk to a doctor 24/7 – so they can pick a time and place that fits into their busy life. Whether they need to squeeze an appointment in between meetings, or would rather speak to the doctor in the evening, they can get medical advice quickly and easily via a video call or over the phone2

The doctor can often speak their language, and have local knowledge, so as well as giving medical advice they can help your employee navigate the local healthcare system.

You can also choose to add on our Mind Health service which connects your employees with a fully qualified psychologist who will provide them the support they need from wherever they are in the world3. Whether that’s one phone call or a course of up to six talking sessions.

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Extra support for cancer

If any of your employees receive a cancer diagnosis, they’ll have a dedicated case manager throughout their treatment to speak to the hospital, sort out the paperwork and answer questions about their cover, giving them the time to get on the road to recovery faster.

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Speak to our team

Our experienced global team is available to help with questions or claims day or night - or if your employees would prefer to manage their plan online, all they need to do is sign up.

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Expertly designed to meet local regulations

With AXA’s global resources and local knowledge to draw on, we can help make sure the health benefits package we put together for you meets your needs. With years of experience in this area, we can offer you expert support to find the best solution for your business.

Our in-country resources help to introduce plans for employees based in places such as the Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Australia, or the Netherlands.


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Calls may be recorded and/or monitored for quality assurance, training and as a record of the conversation.

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1. The AXA Select medical provider network as at 31.12.2023 covers 177 countries and includes more than 1.9 million facilities where we can settle bills directly. 

2. Appointments are subject to availability. You do not need to pay or claim for a consultation but you will be charged for the cost of the initial phone call when using the call back service. You won't be charged if you request a call back using the app or online portal. Telephone appointments are available 24/7/365 and call-backs are typically within 24 hours. Telephone appointments in Greek are available between 09:00 and 21:00 EET, 7 days a week. Video appointments in English, Spanish and Mandarin are available between 08.00 and 00.00 UK time, Monday to Friday. Video appointments in German are available between 08:00 -20:00 CET, Monday to Friday.  The Virtual Doctor service is provided by an independent third‑party, Teladoc Health.

3. Mind Health psychologist appointments are available in English and Spanish between Monday and Friday, 09.00 - 17.30 (UK time). Appointments for members calling from the UAE are available in Arabic, English and French between Saturday to Thursday, 09.00 – 20.00, and Friday 09.00 – 16.00 (UAE time). The Mind Health service is provided by an independent third‑party, Teladoc Health.