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Second medical opinion service

Our independent second medical opinion service offers a full review of your diagnosis and treatment plan, to make sure you’re doing what’s right for you. Whether you have unanswered questions, or you need some reassurance, it can be invaluable to double check with another medical expert. A doctor will manage the whole process, offering support and answering any questions you or your employees may have.

When getting a second opinion, you’ll have access to a global team of more than 450 doctors¹ supported by a network of over 50,000 specialists. All this is available at the end of the phone, from wherever you are – no face-to-face appointments are needed.

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What can you use the service for?

With all our cover levels, you can get a second medical opinion on your diagnosis or treatment, whether it’s for a minor injury or a serious surgical procedure.

Here are a just a few examples of questions you might have:

  • What does my diagnosis mean?
  • Are there alternative treatments?
  • Will I need time off work? 

Even if you’re confident that you’ve got the right treatment plan for you, maybe you’ve got a few medical questions or things you’d like to know more about. The second medical opinion service can help with all of this, to make you feel more comfortable and reassured.

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What difference does it make?

When getting a diagnosis, you’ll have a lot on your mind, and it might seem like another expert’s opinion would only confuse you. However, getting a second opinion can be life-changing, and requires little effort from you. As many as 65% of cancer treatments are modified after using the second medical opinion service¹. This means you could avoid unnecessary treatment, and get it right first time, just by double-checking.

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How does it work?

When you request a second medical opinion, a doctor will be your main contact throughout your treatment. From beginning to end, they’ll make sure you get the information you need. It doesn’t mean you’ll always have to choose between two different options – it can often reassure you that you’re already heading in the right direction.

With clinical case management available with our global health plan, you’ll have support all the way through. If you need treatment after receiving a second opinion, your doctor will continue to support you, offering guidance when you need it most.

Stephen's story

“I felt that I actually had someone on my side with that first phone call…I felt like I had someone who was going to help me find the answers and point me in the right direction”.

Stephen had his treatment plan for prostate cancer modified after getting a second medical opinion.

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1According to Teladoc Health, the service provider, as of October 2019.