Accessibility and support

Making AXA available for everyone

It’s important to us that everyone can access our services. We’ve created this website with you in mind, to make sure you can access our content as easily as possible. 

If you’re one of our members and would benefit from any of the services listed below, please let us know so that we can do our best to support you. You can find out how to contact us below.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with our website, documents, or any of our other services, please let us know.

Visual and audio support

If you’re using our website on a desktop, you can magnify the screen or increase text size. Head to the ‘Settings’ menu on your internet browser (such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) and, depending on the browser you use, you'll find the option to increase the text size under ‘Preferences’ or ‘View’.

Communication and document output preferences

Please be aware that the majority of our communications are digital and many of our processes are automated. So, although we can record contact and document output preferences, we cannot guarantee that our communications via these means will always be accessible. However, you can get in touch with us to request a specific document in an alternative format. You may also find it helpful to nominate a 3rd party contact to receive communications on your behalf.

Alternative document formats

If you’re blind, have a visual impairment or are partially sighted, we can provide your documents in braille, large font, or audio format.
If you’d like your documents in braille, large font, or audio, please send us a message via your member portal or call us on +44 (0)1892 503 856. We’ll aim to send these documents to you free of charge and within 14 working days of your request.

Contact preferences

If you have a visual or hearing impairment that affects your ability to communicate with us, you can notify us of your contact preference via your Customer Online account and we’ll do our best to contact you that way

Mental health support

Mental health is extremely important, and we know that it can be hard to get things done if you’re going through a tough time. You’re not on your own though, there are lots of dedicated resources that can help.

Some of our policies include expert health support services such as the Mind Health service - a dedicated platform for mental health that connects you with a fully qualified psychologist. You can contact us to find out if your policy includes this service

Money worries

It’s important that you keep up to date with your payments, but we know things aren’t that simple sometimes.

If you’re experiencing financial hardship and are having trouble paying your premiums; know that you’re going to miss a payment; or you’ve already missed a payment and are looking to catch up please contact us to discuss how we can support you.

 For further information about how we price our plans, as well as details about how you may be able to reduce your premiums, visitThe cost of international health insurance: AXA (

Trusted alternative 3rd party contact

If you’re finding it difficult to speak to us, you can nominate someone to talk to us on your behalf, you just need to let us know. What is a trusted alternative contact?

An alternative contact is someone that you, as the policyholder, can nominate to act on your behalf. This contact is authorised to talk to us, if for any reason you’re unable to. For example, they can discuss your policy make changes and submit claims for you. The only thing they can’t do is cancel your policy – we’ll still need to speak to you for that. 

We’re more than happy to speak with your trusted contact, but we need a bit more information first. Please get in touch with us and we’ll send out the relevant forms that tell us all we need to know.

Other Accessibility needs.

If you have any other accessibility needs or concerns, please contact us to discuss the support options we have available for you.

Contact us

Knowing in advance about any challenges our customers are facing helps us ensure that they’re getting the right support when they need it.

So, whether you’re taking out a new policy, making a mid-term adjustment or renewing your policy, we highly recommend updating your circumstances so that we have the correct information.  And if you need to tell us about any changes, you can do this via your online account or  our contact us page.