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How’re we doing in 2024?

World mind health isn’t in a good place right now. The proportion of people struggling has reverted to 2021 levels, at the height of the pandemic, and nearly half (48%) of the working population report that their job is having a negative impact on their psychological wellbeing.  

But for those who live and work overseas - the global non-natives - a distinct and particularly troubling mind health trend is starting to emerge. Findings from our recent report show that the workplace is becoming a hotbed for poor mental health among non-natives, who are grappling with burnout, stress and anxiety as a result of their job.

Four in five (80%) non-natives are experiencing mind health concerns due to their work environment. 

Nearly half (49%) are experiencing burnout as a result of their job. 

Over a third (38%) of non-native managers have taken sick leave at least once in the last year.

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Now in its fourth year, our 2024 Mind Health study provides an exclusive look into the state of mind health among non-native employees, as well as the diverse healthcare solutions that are needed to ensure that the experience of working overseas remains successful and rewarding for both individuals and businesses worldwide. 

Our findings explore four key areas:  

  1. The challenges non-natives are facing in the workplace, especially now burnout and sick leave are reaching alarmingly high levels.  
  2. The effect of poor mind health on business productivity and success. How could issues with disengagement and retention cause collateral damage? 
  3. Sustainable support services and where the glaring gaps are for non-native workers.  
  4. How to give non-native managers the right tools and resources to support their teams, while keeping themselves mentally healthy.  

Hear from our leaders and experts

Xavier Lestrade

Xavier Lestrade, CEO of International Health, AXA - Global Healthcare:

Our 2024 Mind Health report offers rich insights into why and where change is most needed for working non-natives. With global mobility on the rise, there’s an ever-increasing need for businesses to adapt or transform their existing services in order to support employees with every dimension of their wellbeing.

Colin Preece

Colin Preece, Clinical Head of Mental Health, Teladoc Health UK:

Individuals and employers both have their part to play in establishing an environment of positive wellbeing, but professional mental health support should be available whenever it’s needed. Giving people the ability to reach out, especially at an early stage, has huge benefits.

Samantha O'Donovan

Sam O’Donovan, Chief People Officer, AXA - Global Healthcare:

From our global mind health report, we can see how important it is to arm managers with the skills they need to better support their non-native workforce, as well as themselves. With this, we can help to ensure that businesses remain resilient, inclusive and compassionate in the face of mind health challenges.

Eugene Farrell

Eugene Farrell, Mental Health Consultancy Lead, AXA Health:

Leaders have a responsibility to put their people at the forefront. By listening, showing empathy and developing connections with their team, they not only send a clear signal that they’re seen, heard and valued, but they’ll also be more capable of identifying early warning signs of poor mind health.

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