Gender pay gap reports

Our commitment

An important part of our strategy is to create a culture of belonging across our global business where people feel accepted, valued and included.  Were continuing our efforts to cultivate a workplace where there’s no bias or discrimination, ensuring that every individual is paid and rewarded based on their role, skill and contribution to the company. This includes a wholehearted commitment to gender equity, which is where our gender pay gap report comes in.   

Produced annually, the report demonstrates the difference in hourly earnings, for every job and level, between our male and female employees across our business in the UK. It also shares some of our upcoming plans and how we’re further developing our inclusive work environment to help close the gender pay gap at AXA - Global Healthcare.

Improvements since 2022:


We’ve seen a positive downward movement in the mean pay gap figure from 26% to 16%. 


increase in average pay for our female workers in the UK.


improvement in the mean bonus gap.

Download the AXA - Global Healthcare 2023 gender pay gap report

Read our full report for the detail behind the numbers.

What are we doing to close the gap?

  1. We’re committed to ensuring that all our employees are paid and rewarded based on their role and contribution to the company. We review the pay of all employees annually and use pay ranges to help guide pay decisions.

  2. We continue to identify, develop and review our talent pipelines to ensure that women are fairly represented and are in a good position to achieve more senior roles in the workplace.

  3. We're committed to inclusive recruitment practices, ensuring that we hire fairly and transparently. We  focus on having diverse interview shortlists and panels, making certain that all job adverts use inclusive language to attract the best talent.

  4. We’re in the process of reviewing and upgrading some of our family-friendly policies, including the introduction of a menopause policy to support female colleagues through a critical stage in their lives. 

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