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Hospitalisation & in-patient insurance

What is in-patient care?

In-patient care includes any treatment where you need to stay in a hospital bed for one night or more. This is usually for more serious conditions or injuries – if you needed surgery, for example. If you don’t need to stay overnight, but still need to stay in a hospital bed for your treatment, you’ll be considered as a ‘day-patient’.

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How it works

For in-patient care, you need to be admitted by a doctor, who confirms that you need to stay overnight for your treatment. The time this takes depends on the severity of your condition or injury, as well as the hospital you’re in.

Examples of when you might need in-patient care or hospitalisation:

  • Complex surgeries
  • Serious illnesses or medical issues that require monitoring
  • Having a baby

If you need treatment but don’t need to stay overnight, it’s referred to as out-patient care.

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What it can cost

In-patient care can be costly if you’re not insured, as there are a lot of different parts of the care which add to the expenses. For example your hospital bed, your meals, hospital staff, the treatment itself, and any initial health checks, blood tests or similar. Depending on where you are, just a hospital bed for the night can cost anything from £510 in Italy, to £2,193 in Canada*.

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Know you’re covered

With AXA’s global health plans, all cover levels include in-patient and day-patient treatment charges (from hospitals, consultants, physicians, surgeons and anaesthetists) – up to your overall policy limit. 

You’ll also be covered for psychiatric treatment, overnight accommodation for a parent and, in case of a medical emergency, ambulance transport to or between hospitals. 

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Other benefits

You’ll have access to these benefits, whichever cover level you choose: 

Speak to an experienced doctor by video or by phone, day or night, with our Virtual doctor service. If it's mental health support you need, they can refer you over to the Mind Health service.

An independent Second Opinion from world-leading experts.

Get the care you need, even if that means being evacuating from your medical facility to one in another country with our evacuation and repatriation service

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International Health Plan

Need cover for you and your family?

We can help you get fast access to expert medical care, whenever you need it and wherever you travel. If you’d like out-patient cover included in your plan, just make sure you select the ‘out-patient’ box, in Step 2 of getting a quote online. You’ll then be able to download a summary of benefits, for the detail on exactly what’s covered in your selected plan.


Looking for cover for your business?

We make it easy for you to get international health insurance to suit your company’s needs. If you’d like to include out-patient medical cover, just let us know, along with how many people you need to cover. We’ll work with you to find the right plan for your business, so you can support and retain your best talent. 

*Figures sourced from the AXA Select provider network 2017.

The Virtual Doctor, Mind Health and Second Medical Opinion services are provided by Teladoc Health.