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Doing Business Abroad

PUBLISHED: 5 February 2021 | LAST UPDATED: 9 May 2024

World of Work – the full report

We’ve released our mini reports but now we have the full report ready for you to uncover key insights from global mobility managers and assignees. 

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Why, in a world of digital communications and virtual working, do organisations still want to send people on international assignments? What do they seek to achieve? Do their staff still want to take on these international roles, and how does that impact their careers and their lives? How should organisations recruit, reward, retain and protect the talent they need?

In April 2020, AXA commissioned Savanta, an independent market research agency, to explore the world of international working. They surveyed 543 HR Decision Makers working for multinational companies and 568 globally mobile workers, across 7 different countries and territories around the world.

Keeping up with Global Mobility

67% of HR Decision Makers expect the number of international assignees on short term contracts to increase over the next five years.

Download our full report

Since then, we’ve been working on a series of reports to share the insights from the research. These offer a detailed look into things like the impact of working abroad on employees’ mental health as well as how the world of work has developed since we carried out similar research, in 2017.

You’ll also find useful recommendations on what to expect when looking ahead, in each report.

We hope that the recommendations from this research are helpful, and offer some new ways of thinking about your own workforce. Whether you’d like to start a business or you’re already established on the international scene, we know that international working isn’t always straightforward. So we welcome the opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities with you. Contact our global sales consultants at

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