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Expat health insurance in Singapore

If you’re moving to Singapore, you’ll have access to one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world, and if you do need health treatment, you’re likely to find both public and private hospitals are well-equipped1. But wherever you go, treatment costs could be high2, especially if you’re not a registered permanent resident because you’re unlikely to be entitled to any help from the government towards your healthcare costs. 

Whether you want to boost the healthcare cover you have from an employer, protect you and your family from expensive medical bills, or if you’re looking for cover you can use abroad as well as in Singapore - we can help.

Here are just 4 of the ways our international health plan can help you in Singapore

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Your health – covered

Paying out of your pocket for healthcare in Singapore can become very expensive. A root canal for example can cost around $2,9005. And if you were thinking of starting a family, maternity costs for delivery alone have been known to reach $10,0003 in a private hospital. Not only can costs be high, but it’s also predicted that healthcare costs will rise more quickly in Singapore than any other country in Asia4.

With our private health insurance plan, you can help protect yourself from unexpected medical bills and have the certainty of a predictable monthly cost. From the everyday costs like a quick blood test to transportation in an ambulance, it’s all taken care of. And for the worst case scenarios, our health plans also cover evacuation and repatriation costs, hospital stays in a private room and extensive cancer benefits.

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The care you need, wherever you need it

Singapore has some excellent private medical facilities that offer a high level of care, but it also comes at a cost.  A night in hospital can be over $7805 – so it pays to have private medical cover in place.

With our international health plan, you’ll have access to our AXA Select network both outside and in Singapore, including popular facilities such as Gleneagles and Mount Elizabeth hospital where we can settle your bills directly with the hospital. And with access to over 1 million facilities around the world, you can have the flexibility to visit a hospital or specialist wherever you are - whether you’re travelling, working abroad or visiting your home country, you’ll be covered within your area.

Find out more about the healthcare system in Singapore.

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By your side wherever you go

Health isn’t always predictable. But as part of a world leading insurance brand, you can be confident that we’ve got you covered - from the everyday care to the unexpected. 

Whether you want to ask a question about your plan, speak to a nurse about a medical concern or want a second medical opinion about a diagnosis, all you have to do is get in touch. 

So even if you’ve got local cover or a company healthcare package, if you want access to an international standard of care, and support from a global team wherever you are, take a look at our plans for more information.

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Count on us when it matters

When you need us most, we’ll be there for you. Accidents or illness can happen anytime, and getting the care you need can be expensive, especially if you need to be evacuated to another country. We’ve seen costs ranging from €25,000 to €180,0005.

With all of our plans, you’ll have evacuation and repatriation as standard. This means if you have a serious accident or illness and can’t get the help you need locally, we’ll arrange for you to be evacuated to the nearest medical facility – whether that’s a short drive or an international flight away. And then when you’re ready, we’ll get you back again. This is all organised by AXA and is covered in full on all of our plans – so you won’t be left with an expensive bill.

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Short term cover

Need cover for 3 to 11 months?

If you’re living or working internationally for less than a year, take a look at our short term health insurance plan. It gives you all the benefits of our Standard cover level, but for a shorter time. So whether you’re only away for a few months, still weighing up your options or you want cover while you apply for your local state healthcare system, our short term plan could be ideal.

Virtual doctor service

Online doctor consultation and prescription service

Need to talk to a doctor but don’t speak the local language? Or just struggling to find time for that appointment in your busy schedule? When you live or work abroad, accessing healthcare isn’t always easy.  But with our new online doctor service, now available as part of our international health plans, you can speak to an experienced, internationally qualified doctor - at a time and place that suits you.

*Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm (GMT time).

Calls may recorded and/or monitored for quality assurance, training and as a record of the conversation.





5 Figures sourced from the AXA Select provider network 2017. All figures represent an average cost per country, represented by averaging country data for each treatment. Figures for emergency evacuations sourced from AXA Assistance 2017. Conversion rates correct as of 31.08.2017