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AXA introduces virtual assistant, Remi

PUBLISHED: 1 February 2023 | LAST UPDATED: 25 March 2024

AXA Global Healthcare has launched a new digital text and voice-based assistant, named Remi, to empower customers on their health journey.

As the newest member of the customer service team, Remi provides around-the-clock assistance to customers from anywhere, using any device, helping to guide them to the right health information and provide support tailored to individual needs.

As a result, AXA Global Healthcare’s IPMI customers now have another way to get support, in addition to speaking to a member of AXA’s team on the phone or via email. Instead, Remi’s seamless navigation is designed to quickly guide users to the most appropriate next step, whether that’s viewing their online account, accessing virtual care services, finding a medical provider, or connecting them to one of AXA Global Healthcare’s personal advisers.

Remi is not only able to guide customers around AXA’s services and website but can also give personalised health advice and check symptoms, powered by Mayo Clinic’s rigorous clinical assessment platform. The symptom checker provides a concise report summarising current symptoms, with clear next steps, including potential medical providers, wherever they are in the world.

David Withnell, Chief Risk Officer at AXA Global Healthcare, said: “We are excited to introduce Remi to our customers as part of the digital evolution of AXA Global Healthcare. We’re always in pursuit of better experiences for our current and future members, and Remi will help us expand our communication channels, giving members even more choice in how they want to interact with us. Our customer service approach is all about achieving a balance between responsiveness and speed for the little things and human connectedness when our members need it most.

“Introducing AI and machine learning services to customer service in our industry is a huge step forward, and we’re excited to be able to enter the space with a trustworthy virtual assistant.”

To find out more, you can find Remi in the bottom right hand corner of the AXA Global Healthcare website.

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