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Kevin Melton, Global Head of Sales and Marketing

AXA - Global Healthcare upgrades virtual doctor app

PUBLISHED: 11 January 2020 | LAST UPDATED: 10 May 2024

Kevin Melton, AXA - Global Healthcare

Written by Kevin Melton

Global Head of Sales and Marketing, AXA - Global Healthcare.

Upgraded mobile app quickly connects expats to medical consultations with international doctors, 24 hours a day

AXA – Global Healthcare is improving its virtual doctor service, Global Care for Expats, with the launch of an improved mobile app and by rebranding to Virtual Doctor from AXA. 

Originally launched in November 2018, the service offers all AXA Individual and SME customers with out-patient cover convenient access to internationally qualified, multi-lingual doctors over the phone 24 hours a day, or via a video consultation between 8am and midnight UK time. Now, the new app – available on iOS and Android – will provide an improved customer experience when seeking medical advice. Customers will benefit from improvements such as a simpler process for booking appointments, a geo-location feature and the ability to add insured dependants’ details (under 18), so that appointments can be booked on their behalf.

The service, provided by Teladoc Health, a global leader in virtual care, has been well received, with users rating it an average of nine out of 10 for experience and 99% saying that they would recommend it to friends or family. Along with the speed of the service, in many cases, AXA’s members have reported that the doctor’s advice enabled them to confidently recover at home or avoid a trip to the emergency room, with others being guided to see a specialist the following day. Various AXA members have even been quoted as saying that “I couldn’t believe how quick it was,” and “The doctor was better than my own GP.”

Kevin Melton, Global Head of Sales and Marketing, AXA – Global Healthcare commented: “In the year since its launch, our virtual doctor service has been a great help for our customers; not just in their time of need, but also in proactively supporting globally mobile customers with health questions, such as vaccination advice. The confidence that comes from speaking one on one, to an independent doctor they can trust, for as long as they need to, in a language they’ve chosen, and who can help them navigate their local healthcare system, should never be underestimated.”

Since launch, the service has already connected customers with a doctor consultation in more than 75 countries around the world and supported a wide range of medical conditions, with more consultations happening every day. Users have reported using the service to receive a recommended treatment path after being involved in a car accident, advice for an injured knee when they were unable to walk or drive to the doctor’s surgery, and even a same-day prescription of antibiotics for a throat infection. AXA is confident that the upgraded app will continue to drive usage even further.

The virtual doctor service is now also part of AXA’s enhanced integrated care proposition, whereby customers can be supported by the same doctor from a primary care consultation into a second medical opinion, where needed. Their case can be reviewed from a global network of 50,000 medical experts across 450 specialties, and the member is offered clinical care management for ongoing cases.

Kevin Melton concluded: “It doesn’t matter where you are, feeling unwell or uncertain about a medical condition can be unsettling, but being away from home can add additional uncertainty. By offering our customers coordinated care from their primary consultation through after treatment support, they can receive independent, consistent advice throughout their healthcare journey.”

Carlos Nueno, President of Teladoc Health International says: “We are proud to work with AXA – Global Healthcare to offer a virtual care solution capable of serving patients globally. Our telehealth service aims to help patients to resolve their healthcare needs through on-demand or scheduled medical consultations with licensed doctors; delivering high-quality care through their smartphone, from the comfort of their home, at work or while travelling. With Virtual Doctor, AXA – Global Healthcare helps to improve waiting times, provides health outcomes faster and avoids unnecessary trips to the doctor.”

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