The healthcare payment card: simplifying the way members pay

PUBLISHED: 20 February 2024 | LAST UPDATED: 21 February 2024

Exciting developments are happening here at AXA - Global Healthcare. This February, we’ve launched a new healthcare payment card1: an innovative and entirely virtual service that will simplify the claims process for our customers and clients. The healthcare payment card is the first step on our roadmap to providing our members with a digital wallet where they can easily store and access what they need to use their international healthcare insurance policy. 

What’s unique about the healthcare payment card?  
Using their new virtual card, members will be able to pay for eligible outpatient treatment, such as over-the-counter prescriptions, without using their own funds or needing to submit a claim. Nor will they need to contact us to pre-authorise their treatment before they pay for it.  

The virtual card can be added to their digital wallet for safe storage and used to pay for treatment at any healthcare provider worldwide that offers a contactless VISA payment method.2  

Why have we created this service? 
Because we really listen to what matters to our members. Following recent research conducted across our international community, we found that our members submit a substantial amount of low-value, self-pay claims every year. Unsurprisingly though, they dislike making these claims largely due to the time and administration involved.3  

The healthcare payment card will remove this pain point by giving our members a quick and efficient way to pay for their treatment. And we’ve also made it easier for them to manage their claims. All they need to do after paying for their treatment is upload an image of their provider invoice to their AXA - Global Healthcare Card app4, ready for us to process.  

What’s next?  
We’re rolling out the healthcare payment card to members from several carefully selected corporate groups, which will allow us to monitor the claims process, measure the success of the product and make any refinements ahead of a full launch to our wider customer base.  

‘We’re looking forward to launching our new healthcare payment card as the first step to providing our members with a wallet of digital services from which they can access their international healthcare insurance policy. Increasing the breadth of our offering is key to AXA - Global Healthcare’s ability to provide enhanced propositions for our customers, and central to our wider strategic growth plans. By listening to our customers and innovating to resolve their challenges, our aim as a business is to strengthen our customer relationships, and our reputation as a brand that provides seamless, straightforward insurance products for global markets.’ 

Andy Edwards, Managing Director 

1The healthcare payment card is issued by Nium Fintech Limited, a company registered in England with company number 09039850, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution (FCA Firm Reference Number: 901024). 
2Subject to Terms & Conditions. 
3Research commissioned by AXA - Global Healthcare and conducted by Ninety, an independent research agency, in March 2023. Research was conducted with AXA - Global Healthcare customers. 
4The AXA - Global Healthcare Card app is provided by Paysure Solutions Ltd, a company registered in England with company number 10762474.