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Four new members of leadership appointed at AXA – Global Healthcare

PUBLISHED: 1 September 2022 | LAST UPDATED: 10 May 2024

Andy O'Cain, Global Head of Distribution at AXA Global Healthcare, has announced a restructure of his leadership team, an exciting new change for the international private healthcare specialist.

Today, AXA Global Healthcare are introducing a new Head of Individual Distribution, Head of SME Distribution, Head of Large Corporate Sales, and Head of Large Corporate Retention. 

The team will support O’Cain in running the regional distribution activities delivered by AXA Global Healthcare’s sales hubs in the UK, Europe and Asia. These new department heads will help to oversee the development of strategic distribution partnerships, to further strengthen AXA’s growing footprint in the International Private Medical Insurance market.

Andy O'Cain, Global Head of Distribution at AXA Global Healthcare says: “Over recent years, we’ve seen a transformation in the drivers of demand for international healthcare, and now it’s time for the industry to reflect that. The retail segment is becoming more diverse, with growing opportunities in the traditional expat segment, newly emerging segments – as a result of the rise in the digital nomad lifestyle -  and everything in between.  In the corporate segment, demand is being fuelled by entrepreneurial start-ups, many in new growth industries including tech and biodiversity. And, we’re seeing increased demand from larger corporates for health services to support all of their employees, not just those on international assignments.

“At the same time, expectations of what makes a good customer experience are changing– people are looking for more flexibility, a more intuitive service, more proactive healthcare support, and more help navigating healthcare systems abroad. So, we at AXA Global Healthcare are driven with greater reason than ever to listen, understand and adapt to the demand of the market and its customers. The industry is changing, and we must too.

“Today, we’ve taken our first leap and restructured our distribution leadership team – we’ve appointed new department heads who will focus exclusively on distribution for specific business lines and getting closer to the unique needs of customers, building strong relationships with intermediaries and partners every step of the way.  

“We hope that bringing together existing distribution expertise with the knowledge of those coming from outside of the business will transform the team’s ability to anticipate and adapt to new market conditions, and I’m confident these changes will help to drive AXA Global Healthcare forward.”

The newly appointed leadership team is made up of:

Dev Shah, Head of Individual Distribution 
Dev has been instrumental in the development of the AXA Global Healthcare Individual portfolio over the past 10 years. Prior to starting his role within the business, Dev spent a number of years working for AXA PPP healthcare, so brings a wealth of knowledge of the individual sector, as well as commercial and global market experience, to his new role.

Martyn Swann, Head of SME Distribution 
Martyn is joining AXA Global Healthcare from Aetna/Allianz, where he was in a Corporate Director role. Martyn has a breadth of experience in working among SME divisions, with a proven record of delivering strong results and keeping up with key market developments. 

Luke Harding, Head of Large Corporate Sales 
Luke has been fundamental to the sustainable and profitable growth of the AXA Global Healthcare Large Corporate portfolio for the past 5 years. He brings vast experience with global partners and customers to his new role in Large Corporate Sales. Prior to his time at AXA Global Healthcare, Luke held a variety of managerial roles within the financial sector.

Matthew Crudgington, Head of Large Corporate Retention 
Matthew has joined AXA Global Healthcare from Aetna/Allianz, where, as Sales Director, he was responsible for EMEA Large Corporate Portfolio Management. In the past, Matthew has also worked for Mercer and Expacare.

The information in this article is correct at the time of publishing.