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Mental health is part of everyday life, not just times of crisis

PUBLISHED: 8 October 2019 | LAST UPDATED: 4 October 2023

We explore the benefits of incorporating mind health into your daily life to support you through periods of change, when living or working away from home. 

In our previous article, ‘Nurturing mind strength in a virtual world’ , we shared that investing in your emotional state is as important as physical health when living or working abroad. 

However, despite increased awareness to challenge the perceptions and stigma that surrounds mental health, strengthening your mind health is still often reserved for a crisis, such as during the current Covid 19 pandemic . 

We have learnt from AXA’s World of Work 2020 – Mind Health Report, that in today’s ever-changing environment, everyone can benefit from strengthening their mind health. 

Whether you’re embarking on an international work assignment, emigrating with your family, or enjoying retirement in the sun - it’s crucial to have the right support to help you adjust to a new and unfamiliar environment. From speaking a new language, to adapting to a new work culture, expats and  everyone needs to invest in their mind health, every day. 

What is the mental health scale? 

Our thoughts and emotions are constantly changing in response to events in our lives from changes to our working environment, to the people around us. The greater the change, the  more likely we are to experience shifts in our resilience.

The mental health scale helps you to reflect on your current mood and recognise when you’re feeling low, giving you the opportunity to get the support you need. This should not be reserved for big events but to help you to cope with the stresses of everyday life such as a new commute or missing a deadline.

Taking time out to reflect on your mood, encourages you to de-stress every day, whether that’s going for a run, or talking to someone to help you understand your feelings. 


Mind Health – Separating fact from fiction  

1. FACT – Everyone can benefit from psychological therapy 
If you’re far from home, talking to a qualified professional in your own language can help you understand your feelings and put a plan in place. 

2. FICTION – Getting help for your mind health is only for a crisis  
Reaching out for professional support can help everyone cope with the stresses of normal life, that when ignored can become a bigger unmanageable problem. 

3. FICTION – All therapists are the same 
No two therapists are the same. Each will use different tools and techniques to suit your individual needs, to ensure you get personalised support. 

4. FICTION – Therapy will make me feel worse 
Good therapy will not force you to relive traumatic memories but will equip you with techniques to reduce stress in your life – no matter how big or small.  

How can AXA - Global Healthcare help you? 

As a member, your healthcare plan includes Virtual Doctor from AXA1, with access to a real doctor, by phone or video call, at a time that suits your schedule, anywhere in the world2.

The Virtual Doctor service1 gives you the reassurance of a doctor from initial advice and diagnosis, to online prescriptions3 and support arranging ongoing care. And don’t forget there’s no need to claim, as this service isn’t deducted from your benefit limits. 

You can use the Virtual Doctor service1 to confidentially discuss anything you’d like, from missing friends and family, to struggling with a challenge at work.

Take your first steps towards better mind health 

Book your Virtual Doctor consultation today. 

The information in this article is correct at the time of publishing.

1. The Virtual Doctor from AXA service is provided by a third-party, Teladoc health and is now available to all individual and SME members (excluding those whose health plan is insured by AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited). Access to the Virtual Doctor service is an optional add on for all Large Corporate groups, to check if your group has access, please visit your Healthcare Hub. If you are unsure, please check with your AXA representative. 

2. Appointments are subject to availability. You do not need to pay or claim for a consultation, but you will be charged for the cost of the initial phone call when using the call back service. You won’t be charged if you request a call back using the app or online portal. Telephone appointments are available 24/7/365 and call-backs are typically within 24 hours. Telephone appointments in Greek are available between 09:00 and 21:00 EET, 7 days a week. Video appointments in English, Spanish and Mandarin are available between 08.00 and 00.00 UK time, Monday to Friday. Video appointments in German are available between 08:00 -20:00 CET, Monday to Friday.

3. Prescriptions available if medically necessary and subject to local regulation.