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AXA's Mind Health Index

PUBLISHED: 8 April 2022 | LAST UPDATED: 1 February 2023

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The past few years have impacted everyone, but for those who live in a country different from the one they were born in, it seems they’ve had an especially tough go of it. Whether that’s because of job security, financial worries or their optimism – or lack of it - about the future, it’s clear that this community felt the pressure. Only 1 in 6 non-natives we talked to, flourished during the pandemic.

In AXA’s biggest piece of research on mind health to date, we’ve uncovered insights into how communities, workplaces and individuals can tackle mind-health issues in the wake of COVID-19. A particularly staggering learning was not just that people living abroad were having mental ill health challenges during the pandemic but that 28% of those conditions were self-diagnosed.

Our goal with this research is to be a part of the solution and will help non-natives find ways to recover and flourish after the pandemic. Download our Mind Health Index to read and learn all about the insights from the unique perspective of people living away from home. 

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AXA's Mind Health Index