Introducing Mind Health and Virtual Doctor in Hong Kong

PUBLISHED: 9 April 2021 | LAST UPDATED: 19 June 2024

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Your clients and their employees already have access to a number of support services in Hong Kong as part of their global health plan from AXA. 

Part of our core strategy is to always create propositions that support members in the most effective and innovative ways we can, and we're doing just that. 

From the 1st April 2021, we're very pleased to announce that your Hong Kong-based clients have two additional services to support them even further. 

Customers with plans arranged by AXA Global Healthcare (Hong Kong) Limited, who are insured by AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited, now have access to the Virtual Doctor and Mind Health services – allowing them to speak to a doctor or psychologist from wherever they are in the world, without even needing to leave home. 

For SME schemes of up to 49, their employees will be able to take advantage of both services straight away. For new Large Corporate schemes, the Virtual Doctor service will be included as standard with the option to include the Mind Health service. 

For current Large Corporate schemes, the Virtual Doctor service will be applied as standard with the option to add on the Mind Health service at the time of their renewal.

Getting started with these new services

The Virtual Doctor service
With the Virtual Doctor service from AXA, members can book a medical consultation with a real doctor on the phone or by video call - at a time that suits them¹, from anywhere in the world.

If they're feeling unwell or have a general worry, the doctors are around to help. They can listen, provide guidance, make referrals, and in some cases, issue prescriptions². 

What's more, members can use the service as much they need to, because it's already included in their cover.

The Mind Health service
The Mind Health service, available through the Virtual Doctor service, gives members access to dedicated support from fully qualified psychologists over the phone. Whether that's one phone call to get something off their minds or a course of up to six talking therapy sessions to work through something bigger.

When they use the Mind Health service, a virtual doctor will first assess what the best course of treatment is, and if appropriate, will assign them a psychologist who'll support them through every session, helping them to get back on top and in control.  

Your clients' employees can use these services straight away, but they'll need to activate their access before they can book an appointment to speak with a doctor or benefit from extra support from the Mind Health psychologists.

Helping members to activate their accounts. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

It takes moments to get activated for the Virtual Doctor and Mind Health services. They'll just need to: 

  1. Go online or download the Virtual Doctor from AXA app.
  2. Fill out a few quick details, including their customer number (without 'INTL').
  3. Verify their email address.

Then they'll be set up to speak to a virtual doctor or use the Mind Health service.

Any questions? Let's find the answers.

If you or your clients have questions about these services, you can find out more through our frequently asked questions for Virtual Doctor and Mind Health.  

You can also share these useful Virtual Doctor and Mind Health help sheets with your clients and their employees to remind them about the support available to them.

What do we need you to do?

We're emailing your clients directly to let them know the good news. But it would be great if you could let any clients know, so their employees can make full use of these services. 

In the meantime, if you have any other questions that haven't been answered here, please do speak to your AXA representative for more information. 

These services are provided by an independent third-party, Advance Medical (a Teladoc Health Company), and they don't affect your clients and their employees' out-patient benefit limits or excess if they have one on their health plans. This means there's no need to make a claim for a virtual doctor consultation, or appointment with a psychologist. They'll just need to let us know if they're referred for any additional treatment, so we can make sure it'll be covered by their plan.

For more information about the terms and conditions of this service, click here.

The information in this article is correct at the time of publishing.

¹Appointments are subject to availability. Members do not need to pay or claim for a consultation, but will be charged for the cost of the initial phone call when using the call back service. Telephone appointments are available 24/7/365 and call backs are typically within 24 hours. Telephone appointments in Greek are available between 09:00 and 21:00 EET, 7 days a week. Video appointments are available between 08:00 and 00:00 UK time, Monday to Friday. Video appointments in German are available between 08:00 and 20:00 CET, Monday to Friday. 

²Prescriptions available if medically necessary and subject to local regulation.