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Plans for groups of up to 74 employees

About our plans for SMEs

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Health insurance for 1-74 employees

Do your clients need to insure small teams or individuals on assignments abroad? Take a look at what cover we can provide for groups of 1-74 employees.

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Healthcare Hub

With their plan, employees have access to our Healthcare Hub - giving them information on how to make the most of the services we provide.

To help you sell

Build your SME portfolio

Together we can offer your SME clients healthcare cover that’s affordable, simple, and personal.

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Build an affordable plan that suit your clients’ needs – giving them all the benefits they require, without the cost of those they don’t.

Our plans are smart and our rates are sustainable, helping us to keep your clients' premiums low.

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When your SME clients choose a global health plan from AXA, rest assured that it’ll be simple to set up, and easy to use.

We offer simple, straightforward SME cover for groups of up to 49 employees.

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When you work with AXA, it's easy to build and SME healthcare plan for your clients that's affordable, simple and personal.

You can count on us to provide a personal touch, with one-to-one support for you, and dedicated customer care for your client, from our global healthcare team.

Interactive brochure

Download our new interactive brochure and share with your clients to show how they could provide cover for their employees, affordably, simply, and personally.