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Introducing Remi, your client's new assistant

PUBLISHED: 27 February 2023 | LAST UPDATED: 5 June 2024

Our new Virtual Assistant helps empower your clients on their health journey by seamlessly guiding them to information, help and care that’s been tailored to their individual needs. 

What can the Virtual Assistant do?

Both text and voice-based, the Virtual Assistant (or Remi, to her friends) can help them with a whole range of questions, including:

  • Has my claim been approved?
  • Where’s my nearest hospital?
  • What’s my excess?
  • How can I speak to a doctor? 

Remi will completely enhance the relationship your clients have with their healthcare cover by streamlining the way they navigate through it easily and efficiently, connecting them to what they want, when they want it. In a matter of minutes they’ll be directed to the most appropriate next step on their healthcare journey, whether that’s their online account, Virtual Care services, the Provider Finder tool or one of our human service advisors.

What if they’re not feeling well?

Another feature of Virtual Assistant is Symptom Checker, a health assessment tool powered by Mayo Clinic. By allowing your clients to get an idea of their situation, they’ll be empowered to make informed decisions about what to do next. They’ll just need to tell Remi that they don’t feel well, and she’ll start their assessment. 

Utilising secure, accurate and evidence-based information, you can be assured that Remi will be able to guide your clients to precise information about their health and membership, carefully and safely.

Available 24/7 from absolutely anywhere in the world, it’s a great first step in helping your clients understand their situation and couldn’t be simpler to use. And after interacting with the Symptom Checker, they’ll be given a recommendation on what to do next, which could include using the Virtual Doctor service or heading to Provider Finder - helping them find the right specialist, hospital or clinic.

Want to find out more?

Go on, give her a try. For now, you’ll find Remi on the Personal, Business and Member sections of our website.

If you want to find out more about the Virtual Services available and the benefits for your clients, visit our Share and Learn page or get in touch with your AXA representative today. 

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