A hassle-free out-patient experience with our direct billing services

PUBLISHED: 3 May 2023 | LAST UPDATED: 24 June 2024

We know your clients really value having streamlined access to healthcare services. This is why we've made it even easier for them to receive out patient treatment in China.

Our collaboration with MSH China, gives them a seamless experience with direct billing for out-patient treatment across China, at all hospitals and clinics across the MSH China network. This means if they're based in China, they'll no longer have to pay for their out-patient treatment upfront and claim back the cost as it'll all be taken care of. 

How does it work?

When they go to their appointment, all they'll need to do is show their MSH China network access card, along with a valid form of national identity (ID Card). This will be the card they'll use when they go for out-patient treatment at all hospitals and clinics in China within MSH China's network.  

They'll still continue to use their AXA – Global Healthcare card when visiting hospitals and clinics outside of the MSH China network.

Helping them find a provider 

Our dedicated provider finder search tool can help your clients find a medical provider when they need treatment. 

Why not watch the short video today to see how.

Support in an emergency situation

If they have a serious accident or illness and can't get the help they need locally, their AXA plan enables them to be evacuated to the nearest suitable medical facility. 

Watch and find out just how we do that or download our guide today. 

We also have useful resources in our World of Wellbeing and our guides about healthcare in China and in Hong Kong.

By working with MSH China, your clients not only gain seamless access to the best medical providers across China when they need them most, but the discounts they can negotiate with providers means that claims in China will be reduced - positively impacting premiums.

If you have any queries, please do contact your AXA representative.

The information in this article is correct at the time of publishing.