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Making the most of their membership

PUBLISHED: 22 January 2019 | LAST UPDATED: 6 January 2023

We want your clients to know we're there for them whenever - not just when they need to make a claim. That's why there's a range of services they can access for help and support, at no additional cost, whatever their healthcare needs.

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Designed with members in mind, More of What Matters is a guide to the additional resources we provide for customers, wherever they are in the world. Inside the booklet you'll find information on:

  • Customer Online, our secure customer portal
  • MyGlobe, the medical provider locator
  • Second Medical Opinion, for reassurance of diagnosis
  • Evacuation and Repatriation, for emergency in-patient treatment that's not available locally
  • Health at Hand, our medical information helpline
  • Cancer Case Management, for extra support during active treatment
  • World of Wellbeing, the online home for articles and blog posts about global access to healthcare and expat lifestyle

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