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April refresh

PUBLISHED: 21 March 2019 | LAST UPDATED: 6 January 2023

New sales literature and insurance documentation

Visit your toolkit today for new sales resources, such as brochures, application forms, and disclosure documents.

Also available for digital download is our refreshed insurance documentation. You’ll find membership handbooks, Insurance Product Information Documents, and Group Insurance Contracts in your toolkit.

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The information in this article is correct at the time of publishing.
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A quick look at some of our benefit changes

More options to stay close to their children when they’re having treatment

If your client’s child needs to stay in a hospital outside of their home town for treatment covered by their plan, a contribution of up to £100/$160/€125 a night will be made towards the accommodation costs of one parent staying in a hotel nearby. This benefit is in addition to the cover they already have, which allows for one parent to stay in the hospital with the child.

Which plans will benefit?
This change affects the majority of the global health plans we offer. See the membership handbook for applicable currencies.

Where can I find out more?
You can read more about this benefit in the relevant membership handbook.

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Changes to routine pregnancy cover

Cover for routine pregnancy and childbirth now starts 18 months after each member takes out or joins a Prestige or Prestige Plus individual policy. This will apply to any family member added to the policy now or in the future, but doesn’t affect cover for family members already added before their renewal date.

Which plans are affected?
Prestige and Prestige Plus levels of cover, for new and renewing business.

Where can I find out more?
You can read more about maternity cover in our membership handbooks, and on our Healthcare Insurance Statements, where relevant.

Important changes to our plans

You can read more about recent changes to our plans, including new restrictions on artificial life maintenance, in our important changes leaflets. Download digital copies today.

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Third party payers

We’ll soon be sharing new upcoming payment schedules with people who pay for a health insurance policy on behalf of someone else. That’s why we’re asking all ‘third party payers’ to ensure they’ve given us their contact details – so they can see exactly what they need to pay and when. 

For more information, please speak to your AXA representative. 

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New guidelines for SME complaints

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the financial regulatory body in the UK, has changed the definition of an ‘eligible complainant’ in its dispute resolution handbook to include SMEs, charities, and trusts. To help your client understand their rights, we’re now including new content in the Group Insurance Contracts we issue to both new and renewing SME groups:

  • How they can make a complaint to us
  • How we’ll deal with and respond to their complaint
  • How to contact the Financial Ombudsman service to refer a complaint.

Which plans are affected?

Where can I find out more?
Download examples of the latest Group Insurance Contracts from your toolkit, or get in touch with your AXA representative to discuss further.

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