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Add expat travel insurance to a global health plan

Standard travel insurance covers accidents or mishaps when you’re abroad, usually for a short time. It often includes only a small amount of medical cover1. But if you’re an expat who travels internationally for long periods, regular travel insurance can be inadequate. This is why at AXA you can add travel cover to one of our international health insurance plans**.

You get cover for things like lost luggage and cancellations, as well as medical insurance wherever you travel. You’ll have one combined travel and health insurance plan to manage per person, and you won’t double up on payment for any medical benefits.

We only offer optional travel cover if you take out one of our global health plans for a minimum of 3 months. We don’t offer travel cover on its own. 

By adding travel cover to your global health plan, you can:

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Have one easy-to-manage policy

Keep track of both your travel and health insurance, without the confusion of multiple policy numbers or documents. This is especially useful if you’re getting cover for other people too - whether that’s your family or your employees.

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Use the same contact details

If you need to get in touch, we can help with both your travel and health needs. That means you’ve got one less set of details to remember.

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Make sure you don’t pay twice

This travel plan doesn’t double up on any medical benefits already covered by your global health plan. So, you won’t pay for something you’ve already got cover for.

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Know you’re covered

With cover from lost luggage, to emergency medical treatment, you can get the most out of your time overseas. You can rest assured we’ll be there when you need us.

How does the travel upgrade work?

It’s good to know that travel cover is available as an optional upgrade with our Standard and Comprehensive cover levels, and is already included as part of the Prestige and Prestige Plus plans**.

It includes business travel and holiday cover, for up to 95 days at one time, with a maximum of 183 days in a year.

For more information on particular benefits, see the details below.

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International Health Plan

Want to add travel cover to your plan?

We can take care of your travel and healthcare needs all in one plan. So wherever your next steps are taking you, no matter what happens along the way, you can rely on us to be there for you. 

Just get a quote for our global health plans and make sure that travel cover is included**.

For cover for a minimum of 3 months, give us a call on +44 (0)1892 596418*** to get a global health plan quote.


Looking for travel cover for your business?

We make it easy for you to get international travel health insurance to suit your company’s needs. 

Tell us how many people you need to cover and we’ll work with you to create a package that can help you support your employees, wherever they go for your business.

More information on the policy benefits*

  1. Delayed departure+ - up to £50 for every 12 hours up to a maximum of £100
  2. Extended delay - up to £2,000
  3. Cancellation or loss of deposit arising due to illness, bereavement, injury or jury service - up to £5,000
  4. Curtailment due to illness, injury or death - up to £5,000
  5. Missed departure. Additional costs to reach destination if due to bad weather, strike or mechanical breakdown - up to £1,000
  6. Additional travel expenses - up to £3,000
  7. Catastrophe cover - up to £300
  8. Travel disruption due to insolvency of your transport supplier, accommodation supplier or their booking agents - up to £3,000

  1. Loss or damage to baggage/personal effects - up to £350 for a single item up to an overall maximum of £1,500
  2. Delayed baggage+ - up to £150
  3. Personal money/travellers cheques if lost or stolen - up to £250 for cash up to an overall maximum of £500
  4. Passport replacement. To assist in recovery or replacement costs - up to £250

  1. Personal accident. For loss of limbs, sight or death caused solely by an external accident+ - up to £25,000
  2. Assault - up to £50 for each night in hospital, up to a maximum of £1,000
  3. Personal liability. Indemnity against legal liability to the public for accidental injury or damage to persons/property+ - up to £2,000,000
  4. Legal expenses. Costs to pursue legal actions as a result of illness, injury or death, if advised within 90 days+ - up to £25,000

*All benefits are subject to an excess of £50 except those marked with a plus (+).

**The International Travel Plan is not available with the Foundation cover level, or on AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited insured plans, or the Islands Health Plan.

***Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm (GMT time).