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International student health insurance

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Being a student is an exciting time: it might be the first time you move out of home, it’s an opportunity to meet new people and for some, it’s a chance to see the world. So if you’re studying abroad, make sure you’ve thought about international student health insurance. It covers you when you’re studying overseas or if you want health insurance that covers you in more than one country. 

When you move somewhere new, things like how much you pay for a filling or the cost of a trip in an ambulance are likely to be far from your mind. But by taking out an international health insurance plan, these costs can be taken care of. And for the worst case scenarios, our health plans also cover hospital stays and evacuation costs, so once you've recovered, you can continue studying in your chosen location.

We’re here for you

When looking at international student health insurance options, it’s good to know we have you in mind. Just choose a plan that works for you. With our global health plans you’ll get: 

  • Benefits you can use from day one 
    We don’t believe you should have to wait to make the most of your plan, so most benefits don’t have a waiting period.
  • Support day and night 
    From checking something is covered to making a claim, our team of experts are here to help you 24/7.
  • Hospital treatment 
    Whether you need to be in hospital for a few hours, days or weeks, our plans can cover you. 
  • Access to our health information phone line
    If you have a medical question you can call our qualified medical team whenever you want. 
  • A second opinion 
    If you’re not sure about a diagnosis or treatment plan we can get you an independent second opinion.
  • Cover for accidents and emergencies 
    If the unexpected happens your plan can cover the costs of your tests and treatment.
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Am I covered for the medical conditions I had before I joined?

If you already have international health insurance and want to switch to AXA, we may be able to cover your existing medical conditions. This can depend on the terms of your plan and the level of cover you choose. 

In most cases, to keep the costs our customers pay sustainable, our plans are designed to cover the treatment of medical conditions that start after you join. To find out more about what our plans do and don’t cover, call us on +44 (0) 1892 596424 and one of our friendly advisers will be happy to help.

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Where can I go for my treatment?

It’s up to you to where you’d like to have treatment – where you’re studying, back home near your family or anywhere else in your area of cover. And to keep things simple, our plans will cover you worldwide: you just need to decide if you want to include cover in the USA or not. You can also choose which hospital you go to or which specialist you see. Our AXA Select medical network will help you make the most of your benefits and often means you don’t have to pay upfront for treatment, but in most countries, you can visit the hospital or specialist of your choice.

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Can’t get the medical treatment you need?

If you can’t get the emergency treatment you need locally, we’ll evacuate and then repatriate you. This means we’ll get you to the nearest medical facility to get you the help you need. Then when you’re up to it, we’ll get you back again. 

Depending on the destination, an evacuation can cost anywhere from €25,000 to €180,000.  No matter what level of cover you choose, we’ll pay this cost in full and it won’t affect any of your benefit allowances.

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Choose a plan that works for you

With all our plans, you can choose when to start your cover - so you can be covered from the day you arrive, without paying extra before you go. This means you can focus on settling into your new surroundings, rather than worrying about your healthcare options. Whether you need cover for the essentials, or a higher level of cover, you can take a look at the details here. Whatever you choose, you can be sure we’ll be there when you need us, to help you make the most of your time studying abroad.

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