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Your quick guide to claiming

If you need to book an appointment for a consultation or some treatment, we aim to make it as easy as possible to make a claim – just follow the steps below. If you need treatment in an emergency, just make sure you or someone you know gets in touch as soon as possible.

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Visit a doctor, or use our Virtual Doctor service

If you have a medical concern, you can visit your doctor or speak to an independent online doctor, using our Virtual Doctor service.

If you're an AXA member, you'll have access to unlimited phone and video consultations with experienced, qualified doctors 24/7.1 

There’s no need to pay your excess if you have one, or make a claim for a virtual doctor consultation, unless further treatment is needed.  

It’s easy to register and book an appointment. Simply download the Virtual Doctor from AXA app on iOS or Android app store, or visit virtualdoctorfromaxa.com online. If you’d prefer, you can call at anytime 24/7 on +44 (0) 203 4995 487* to arrange a call back.

Questions? Take a look at our Virtual Doctor frequently asked questions  to find some answers.

Looking for mind health support? 
Available through the Virtual Care service, the Mind Health service connects you with a fully qualified psychologist who will provide you with the support you need, wherever you are in the world. Whether that’s one phone or video call or a course of up to six sessions.2

If you’ve bought an individual policy for yourself and your family, you’ll have access to this service straight away.  If your policy is provided by your employer, you’ll need to check your healthcare hub or with your HR team to see whether this service is included with your cover.

To use the Mind Health service, you'll need to register on the Virtual Care portal or the app. Once you're set up, tap on the Mind Health service and complete the form to request a mind health consultation.

And, you don't need to make a claim or let us know that you’re using these services, unless you're referred for further treatment with another specialist.

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Contact us before you book your treatment or consultation

We’ll check that you’re covered and answer any questions you may have. Sometimes, we might need some more information about your medical history, so we’ll ask you and your medical practitioner to complete a Medical Information Form. You won’t need to find this online – we’ll send you whatever we need.

You can start your claim via your online account or over the phone – you can call us anytime on +44 (0) 1892 503 856*. 

Need help finding a hospital or clinic? 

We work with healthcare providers around the world, so if you need help finding one in our network, you can use our online provider search tool. This can help you find your nearest health provider, based on your location or by the type of treatment you need.

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Pre-approve your claim before you visit a specialist or receive your treatment

If your claim is eligible, we’ll pre-approve it so you can visit your healthcare provider. We’ll give you a pre-approval number, which you’ll need to take to your appointment, along with your customer number. You can find your customer number on your membership card. Your medical provider may ask for this in order to send invoices to us for payment. 

If you’d rather, you can pay for your treatment directly to the specialist or clinic. Make sure you keep hold of the itemised invoice and receipts to send to us – we can pay you back for eligible treatment you’ve paid for.

We can pay you back by cheque, or directly into your bank account – whichever you prefer. If you’d like payment to your bank account, you’ll just need to update your payment preference and bank account details in your online account. 

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Leave the rest to us

The most important thing to do after your treatment is to take time to rest and recover.

If you've already paid for your appointments or treatment, simply send us the invoices and receipts – along with any additional information we've requested – and leave the rest to us.  

We aim to pay you back quickly. When we have all of the information we need, we settle almost 81% of eligible claims within just 2 days.3 

If we’ve pre-approved your claim, we’ll arrange to settle the bill with the medical provider directly. 

Once your claim has been processed, we’ll send you a Benefit Statement to let you know what’s been paid.

Log in/register to your online account

Manage your plan, make a claim or ask us a question quickly and securely, 24/7.

Registering is easy - you'll just need your membership number which will be in the format of INTL7654321.


Taking on life’s challenges, together

If you’ve got questions about how and where to go for some mental health support, take a look at these frequently asked questions about your Mind Health service.

Download Mind Health service FAQS

Making a claim for pregnancy?

If you have questions about your health plan and pregnancy, we’re here to offer a helping hand. This guide offers some answers and key information about the pregnancy and childbirth cover on our health plans. 

Download guide

Speak to a virtual doctor from wherever you are

  • Speak to an independent doctor – in your language – in minutes
  • Appointments available 24/7 
  • Consultations available over phone or video call

A second medical opinion

Getting the right diagnosis is essential for receiving the right treatment and care for you. Sometimes, when you’ve received an unexpected diagnosis, you’ll want to know that every option has been explored before making any big decisions. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with independent medical experts to provide a full review of your diagnosis and treatment plan, giving you extra reassurance when you need it most.  If you’d like to find out more about this service and how it could help you, call us on +44 (0) 1892 503 856*.

Emergency Assistance

If you find yourself in an emergency and need immediate in-patient treatment that’s not available locally, we’ll organise for you to be evacuated to the nearest medical facility, where you can access the care you need. Whether it’s a short drive or an international flight away, we’ll get you there quickly and safely. When you’re feeling better, we’ll get you back home safe and sound. 

Should you need to use this service, simply call our Emergency Assistance Centre on: +44 (0) 1892 513 999.*

Find a provider

Finding a doctor when you're ill can be tricky, and if you're somewhere unfamiliar, it can add even more uncertainty.

If you need a doctor, use this provider search tool and search our global AXA Select medical network of preferred hospitals and clinics, so you can get the treatment you need, when you need it.

*Lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We may record and/or monitor calls for quality assurance, training and as a record of our conversation. 

The Virtual Doctor from AXA service is now available to all individual and SME members (excluding those whose health plan is insured by AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited). Access to the Virtual Doctor from AXA service is available for all Large Corporate groups who have chosen the upgrade. If you are unsure whether your plan includes this service, please check with your AXA representative.

Appointments are subject to availability. You do not need to pay or claim for a consultation but you will be charged for the cost of the initial phone call when using the call back service. Telephone appointments are available 24/7/365 and call-backs are typically within 24 hours. Video appointments in English, Spanish and Mandarin are available between 08.00 and 00.00 UK time, Monday to Friday. Video appointments in German are available between 08:00 -20:00 CET, Monday to Friday. Prescriptions are available if medically necessary and subject to local regulation.

2 Mind Health psychologist appointments are available in English and Spanish between Monday and Friday, 09.00 - 17.30 (UK time). If you are calling from the UAE, appointments are available in Arabic, French and English between Saturday to Thursday, 09.00 – 20.00, and Friday 09.00 – 16.00 (UAE time). The service provides access to six sessions with a psychologist, per mind health concern, per policy year.

Our Virtual Care services are provided by an independent third-party, Teladoc Health. 

3 Average of 81% claims processed within 2 days between July 2022 - June 2023.

*Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We may record and/or monitor calls for quality assurance, training and as a record of our conversation.