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The quicker way to apply for MHD cover for small business groups

PUBLISHED: 10 December 2019 | LAST UPDATED: 16 February 2022

When it comes to transferring your SME clients from one insurer to another, it's important to know they're in safe hands. It's easier than ever to transfer your client to a global solution from AXA – one that's simple to explain and provides excellent value for them.

In safe hands

Here's a reminder of just a few of the ways we make transferring to a global health plan, simple and speedy: 

  • Enrolment forms pre-filled to save you time
  • Two-day express onboarding for employees*
  • Cover confirmation and a 'quick start' guide issued to all employees via email
  • Waiting periods waived on maternity claims**

* Provided we've got all the information we need to get started. This includes a completed application form from the group secretary, and customer details like email and home addresses so we can get in touch.

** Provided they've held maternity cover with their incumbent insurer and have opted for a level of cover with maternity benefit. For groups of ten or more employees only.

A quicker way to apply

We've revised our MHD group application forms, reducing the amount of information we need from you and your clients. So, it's not only quicker for your clients to get on board with AXA, it's quicker for them to apply, too. 

Download the new streamlined forms for global health plans from your toolkit today. 

Tools to help you

Press play
Our dedicated team of healthcare experts can help transfer your SME clients to a global health plan - hassle free, and within two working days. Watch on YouTube to see how.

Your guide to transfers
We've created a handy guide for transferring SME clients to a global health plan from AXA. Download it to your desktop, phone, or tablet today.

This message applies to plans we arrange and administer and which are insured by AXA PPP healthcare Limited and AXA Insurance dac. 

Don't forget, your AXA representative can give you more information about global health plans, and how we can help your clients find the plan that's right for them.