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Time for a change?

PUBLISHED: 21 November 2018 | LAST UPDATED: 16 February 2022

We've made changing insurers better for your clients, and better for you. For employee groups looking for MHD cover, introduce them to a global health plan from AXA for a simpler, smoother switch experience.

Is it TIME?

Two day onboarding 
It takes just two working days for our specialist team to onboard SME groups to an MHD plan - provided we've got all the information we need to get started. This includes a completed application form from the group secretary, and customer details like email and home addresses so we can get in touch.

Imminent confirmation of cover
Employees receive a personalised email detailing their cover, directly from our team. We'll send it as soon as they're onboarded – so they can start making the most of their plan.

Managed from day one
Our team are here to help you. Whether you need them to answer questions or get a quote, they're ready to lend a hand wherever they can.

Effortlessly efficient
From pre-filling forms to contacting members, our team will tackle the majority of the admin traditionally involved with changing insurers - so you and your client can rest easy.

Tools to help you 

Our dedicated team make it even more straightforward to transfer your SME client to one of our global health plans. 

See the simplicity for yourself by downloading our handy guide to SME transfers. 

This message applies to plans we arrange and administer and which are insured by AXA PPP healthcare Limited and AXA Insurance dac. 

Don't forget, your AXA representative can give you more information about global health plans, and how we can help your clients find the plan that's right for them.