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Four signs your clients are ready to move on

PUBLISHED: 1 January 0001 | LAST UPDATED: 21 February 2022

If your trailblazing SME clients are exploring new horizons and growing their team, it might be time they chose healthcare cover that grows with them. Switching insurance plans to cover that's tailored to their business needs could be the most rewarding step your client makes. But how do you know when they're ready to move on from a traditional SME healthcare cover plan? 


Going global 
If their business is moving into a new territory, their health insurance should too. Our research showed that, after family concerns, the main reason staff ended their international assignment early was due to their own health concerns.

It's important for businesses to offer the right level of support and reassurance to keep their teams happy and healthy, minimising the risk of a failed investment* 


My, how you've grown 
For many small businesses, success means expansion. And with a growing business, there's probably a growing headcount too.

With more individual needs to consider when it comes to providing healthcare cover, your client may wish to look for new solutions that can be adapted to keep everybody happy.  


Flexibility frustrations
Fulfilling the healthcare needs of international assignees can help to ensure successful ventures abroad*. It's essential to give employees a level of cover that'll give them extra reassurance whilst they're far from home.

Help your clients get a flying start in their new enterprises by stepping away from 'one plan suits all', opting for cover that grows when they do.  


Money matters 
Off the shelf healthcare solutions can be a great way to provide healthcare cover simply and affordably. But often age rated schemes are hit with annual increases, regardless of claiming history.

It can be tricky to justify an increase in price to decision makers. But with an advanced plan that comes with management information and data, you can help to show the value of healthcare benefits to staff. You can even use it to highlight areas that they can make savings at renewal.

*AXA's World of Work Report: Developing Global Talent for International Businesses, July 2017

How can you help? 
For flexible cover, tailored to fit, offer your clients a Tailored Business Plan. With a blended pricing solution, management information and a choice of benefits and limits, Tailored Business Plans offer big business benefits for groups of 75-149 employees.