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Containing costs for growing businesses

PUBLISHED: 1 January 0001 | LAST UPDATED: 10 May 2024

Give your clients the ability to manage their expenses, as well as their employees' healthcare needs. With cost containment features such as management information, specific stop loss and a subscription guarantee, groups of 75-149 employees are already benefitting from switching to a Tailored Business Plan. Is it time your clients did too?

Insight and transparency with management information 
With a 10 month dashboard, and a 22 month report, the management information groups with a Tailored Business Plan receive can prove invaluable. Detailing high claims and commonly claimed for conditions, the management information we provide will help your clients to better understand the value of their IPMI package. This is particularly beneficial during tricky renewal conversations, especially when having to justify the cost of employee benefits to a finance department or board. 

With a dedicated account manager on hand at renewal to help interpret the data, your clients can gain important insight into where the group spend is falling. By adding an excess, or adjusting limits for certain benefits, your clients will have the ability to control expenditure, making savings where there's room for improvement.

Extra protection with specific stop loss cover 
It's important to know that there's a plan in place for when things go wrong. In a medical emergency, it's vital that employees have access to the healthcare they need to get better. But sometimes the treatment they need comes at cost that's financially damaging. 

The Tailored Business Plan comes with the added reassurance of a £35,000/€44,000/$56,000 specific stop loss. For individual high claims, amounts over the stop loss threshold are disregarded at renewal pricing. This means that future annual premiums are guarded from the impact of high employee claims, without restricting the level of cover.

Guaranteed held rates for good performers 
With a Tailored Business Plan, we guarantee that your clients' premium won't go up at renewal if claims stay under 75% of their annual premium (minus tax and commission). Not only that, but if their claims do exceed 75%, we'll cap their increase at 25% on alternating years.

...All with the added confidence of having the world's number one insurance brand at their side, wherever they are in the world

We've been helping customers access cross border health insurance for over 50 years. So, we've learned that it's important to have the safety of knowing that there's someone there to look after members in a medical emergency - especially when they're far from home. But we also know that this can be costly.

We embed medical evacuation and repatriation cover into all of our plans, as standard. And because we know that the price of an emergency evacuation can total up to $180k, we make sure we're not passing on the cost to whoever pays the bill. The fees of a medical evacuation of an employee paid scheme isn't taken from their claim fund, and won't impact their renewal premium, either.

Your clients want the confidence of knowing that their budget is going in the right place. And we want to help make sure they're getting the most value out of their plans. To find out about the financial advantages offered to your business clients, speak to your AXA representative about Tailored Business Plans, or watch our webinar today.