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Are your clients looking for full refund on out-patient treatment?

PUBLISHED: 1 January 0001 | LAST UPDATED: 20 May 2024

Did you know there's a new way of offering your business clients a full refund on their out-patient treatment? 
We know that for all businesses, big or small, it's important to carefully manage expenses. But sometimes, financial efficiencies can lead to unexpected costs of a different kind. Last year, our World of Work report showed that whilst investing less on international employee benefits may save money in the short term, it can deter talent from applying for and staying in roles. International private medical insurance is a sought after benefit for many international assignees, so it's important for global businesses to be able to offer attractive packages that fit both their employees' needs and their business' budget.

Introducing another full refund option for out-patient treatment for SMEs 
We're now offering a new optional upgrade to business groups of 2-74 employees with global health plans. The 'extended out patient' optional upgrade to the Comprehensive level of cover means your clients can enjoy increased limits for eligible out-patient treatment, without paying for benefits which they may not yet need or use on a higher level of cover.

Offer your clients full refund up to their overall policy allowance on:

  • Out-patient drugs and dressings
  • Out-patient consultations
  • Out-patient diagnostics

We're challenging you to requote! 
We recently quoted for a group of 15 employees living and working in Italy who were keen to make sure their employees were fully covered for out-patient treatment, but who weren't yet ready to invest in more extensive cover including routine dental and pregnancy available on our Prestige Plus plan. With the new out patient option on Comprehensive, we quoted an annual premium that met the client's needs and budget.

If you've previously quoted for a group looking for full refund on out-patient cover, we challenge you to a requote so you can see the savings for yourself! Speak to your AXA representative today.