International business health plans for 50 to 149 employees

Choosing the right cover for your business

Tailored to suit you and your employees

Our business health insurance plan is tailored to your team – giving your employees the care and support they need, while helping you control costs for your business. 

Here are some highlights of how your plan works. 

For a full description, have a look at the summary of benefits within our brochure.

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  • Hospital charges as an in-patient or as a day‐patient.
  • Surgery.
  • Second opinion service – valuable reassurance if you’re just not sure.
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation – to get your people to the care they need and home again.
  • Emergency in‐patient and day‐patient cover everywhere – even if you’ve chosen cover that doesn’t include the USA.
  • A wide range of cancer treatment, including experimental drugs.
  • Ambulance transport – because this can cost more than you think.
  • Parental accommodation – if your employee’s child needs treatment, parents can stay nearby.
  • Dental care, such as fillings and accidental damage to teeth (routine checkups not included).
  • Medical conditions that start during pregnancy.


  Standard Comprehensive Prestige Prestige Plus
Hospital charges and surgery
Emergency cover, evacuation and repatriation
Wide range of cancer treatment
Ambulance transport
Dental care (not checkups)
CT, PET and MRI scans
Out-patient treatment Optional
Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit
Out-patient treatment from a Medical practitioner and a complementary practitioner Optional
Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit
Drugs and dressings
Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit
Chronic conditions
Eye tests and prescription glasses and contact lenses
Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit
Routine pregnancy cover Optional
Annual health checks
Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit
Routine dental checkups Optional
Flexible benefit
Flexible benefit
Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit
Palliative care for any illness
Overall annual plan limit £1,000,000/

As with most health insurance, there are some exclusions and limits, no matter which cover level you choose for your employees:


  • Depending on the underwriting you choose, our plans may only cover the treatment of medical conditions that start after your employees join. That means for fully medically underwritten plans, their plan will not cover pre‐existing conditions. 
  • The plans only cover charges for treatment that are reasonable and customary in the country where your employees have the treatment. 

The plans also don’t cover:

  • Planned treatment outside your employees area of cover or against medical advice. 
  • Treatment for injuries as a result of sports that your employees receive money for taking part in. 
  • Costs for arranging treatment, such as phone calls and travel.
  • Treatment designed to prevent illness rather than treat it.


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Extra options to customise your plan

With our tailored plan, you can choose extra options to help control your costs.

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Choose how you cover existing conditions

We have several different ways to cover existing conditions. You can choose different options (underwriting styles) for different employee groups. 

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Premium guarantee

If your claims are less than 75% of your premium (minus tax and commission) in your first year, we’ll keep your rates the same for your first renewal. We include this guarantee on all new plans.

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Excess options

You can add different excess options to your employees’ plans to help control costs.

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Tailored treatment

You can increase or decrease treatment allowances for specific groups of employees – allowing you to boost cover for employees who need extra, while keeping an eye on costs. 

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Get money back if your team claims under a limit

With our profit share option, we’ll pay you back if your team’s claims add up to less than 75% of your premium (minus tax and commission) over the first two years. We’ll pay back 50% of the difference between your total claims and 75% of your premium. We offer profit share on all our new plans.

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Controlling the cost

We offer stop loss cover on all new plans. This reduces the impact of high claims on your renewal premium. We’ll continue to cover your employees no matter how much they claim, but when we calculate your renewal premium, we’ll ignore any part of their claim over £35,000 / €44,500 / $56,000. We’ll simply absorb the extra costs ourselves. 

Like the sound of our global health benefits package?

Ask your employee benefits consultant, or contact us directly on +44 (0)1892 596422. Our team will be happy to talk about next steps. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm GMT (UK time).

Calls may be recorded and/or monitored for quality assurance, training and as a record of the conversation.

Global expertise, local knowledge

We can harness AXA’s global resources and expertise to find the best solution for your business.

  • If you have employees in places such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Australia, Switzerland or the Netherlands, we can arrange a specifically designed plan to meet local regulations, including visa requirements.
  • For employees based in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man, we have a Tailored Business Plan that you can combine with our global cover to create a solution to fit your business.