Mental health support over the phone and video

Our mental health is no longer a subject to brush under the carpet. Listening to ourselves and taking empowered action shows true strength, not weakness. It’s not only the big changes in life that impact us either, it’s those everyday things that can build up and throw us off balance.

Living as an expat comes with its own set of challenges. Understanding how other expats look after their general health and wellbeing, as well as what some of the common concerns are, can help you prepare for your time abroad, so you can make the most out of the opportunities it brings. We commissioned some expat research* to look at both of these things, and we found stress and anxiety to be some of the most common concerns.

Relocating overseas can put a lot of strain on our mental health.

What works for expats, when it comes to looking after their general health and wellbeing? Some of the most popular ways expats deal with health and wellbeing challenges are through healthcare, building relationships and practicing mindfulness.

How to look after your mental health when you move abroad.

The Mind Health service is a dedicated platform for mental health support for mild to moderate conditions. Whether it’s for you, your family or your employees, we’ve made it simple to connect with a fully qualified1 psychologist, with a confidential phone call from anywhere in the world. Whether that’s one phone call or a course of up to six sessions per health concern. Together we can take on life’s challenges.

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Mental health support

The Mind Health service connects you with a fully qualified psychologist to support you for up to six telephone-based sessions1 to help you work through whatever you’re facing.

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Available for family members

Anyone covered on the plan will have access to the Mind Health service. So you can rest assured they can access support if they need it. 

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Trusted, confidential advice

We work with Teladoc Health to provide this service. This means, you can be sure that all consultations are completely confidential and thorough. 

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From anywhere in the world

Whether abroad, away on assignment or at home, the Mind Health service is here to offer support along the way, at a time that suits you2.

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Available through the Virtual Care from AXA app

Access your account through the Virtual Care from AXA portal or download the Virtual Care from AXA app to activate - it takes minutes.

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Included in your cover

Both the Virtual Doctor service and Mind Health services are included in all individual and small business plans3, and don’t cost any extra to use. 

Looking for cover for you and your family?

All our cover levels include access to the Virtual Doctor and Mind Health services. So whichever dream you’re following, and whatever happens along the way, you can rely on us to be there for you.

Looking for cover for your business?

We make it easy for you to get international health insurance to suit your company’s needs. Just tell us how many people you need to cover and we’ll work with you to create a package that can help you support and retain your best talent, wherever they go for your business.

Got questions on the Mind Health service? Take a look at our FAQs for information on how to use it and what to expect.

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The Mind Health service is provided by Teladoc Health and is part of the Virtual Care from AXA service. 

1. The Mind Health service connects you with a fully qualified psychologist who will provide the support you need from wherever you are in the world. Whether that’s one call or a course of up to six sessions. Together we can take on life’s challenges.

2. Mind Health psychologist appointments are available between Monday and Friday, 09.00 - 17.30 (UK time). If you are calling from the UAE, appointments are available Saturday to Thursday 9am – 8pm and on Friday from 9am – 4pm UAE time.

3. Access to the Mind Health service is included on plans covering less than 75 employees and is optional for plans covering 75 or more employees

*Social media listening conducted by Listen + Learn from 2018-21, across six regions: Canada, Dubai, France, Hong Kong, Scandinavia and the UK.