Be prepared for Brexit with international health insurance

10 December 2019

As it stands at the moment, Britain’s forthcoming exit from the European Union has raised a lot of questions around accessing healthcare, and how this might change, in both the UK and Europe. This page helps explain how we’ve prepared for this, as well as which changes may take place, and how you can make sure your health is looked after, no matter what happens.

  • Are you a European national living in the UK? We’ll explain how you can access healthcare in the UK, and how international health insurance can help you.
  • Are you a British national looking to move to Europe, or already living there? We’ll explain how your access to the NHS could change, and what you’ll need to be covered abroad.

Before and after Brexit – you can rely on us

Travelling between the UK and Europe 
Since 2005, European Health Insurance Cards, (EHICs) have helped many people across Europe access the healthcare they need when travelling around the continent - either for free or at a reduced rate. If Britain’s exit from the EU goes ahead, it may not be possible to rely on your EHIC as a way of accessing treatment whether you’re a British national visiting Europe, or a European national visiting the UK. No matter what happens, you can make sure your health is still taken care of with AXA’s international health insurance. With access to our network of hospitals and clinics, you’ll have fast access to expert healthcare, when you need it most. You can then travel anywhere you like in the world, with the reassurance of knowing that we can still cover you, whether you’re in the UK or Europe or even further afield. 

Moving abroad 
If you’re moving to Europe from the UK, or vice versa, knowing your healthcare options before you go can make settling in a little easier. With uncertainty around how access to some public healthcare might change, we’ll be there to take care of your health needs. With our global health plans, you’ll know that we’re here to help, 24/7 – whether you have a question about your policy, or you just need to talk. Knowing you can have your health looked after, regardless of the Brexit result, can help put your mind at rest, so you can focus on your move instead. 

Taking out private medical insurance before Brexit 
Looking to take out international health insurance and wondering whether you should wait until after the Brexit result? With AXA’s global health plans, you can rest assured that you can have cover no matter where you are in the world, regardless of what happens with Brexit. This is because we’ve started working with another AXA insurer who underwrites our plans, so we can still offer plans to customers based in Europe. We’ll still be your main point of contact but your plan will be underwritten by AXA Insurance dac, which won’t affect your benefits or how your plan can be used. For more information on how we’ve prepared for Brexit, and what to expect if you’ve already got a policy, click here